The Girl on the Train

By Paula Hawkins

Loved it! My daughter and I have talked about how much she loves an unreliable narrator and Rachel is definitely in that category.
Rachel takes the commuter train every day at the same time. As she passes a certain house, she fantasizes about the couple that lives there. She names the woman Jess and the man Jason. In her mind, they are the perfect couple who are artsy and so in love. They also live a few houses down from her old house, the house where Rachel’s ex-husband Tom lives with his new wife (ex-mistress) and baby. Rachel tries not to look at her house and live in the fantasy of her couple. Rachel has her struggles. She’s riding a train every day because she doesn’t want to tell her friend and landlord that she’s lost her job. She’s lost her job because of drinking. Rachel has become an alcoholic, yet another reason why we find fault in her narration. She calls her ex at all hours, even has shown up at their house. Tom seems to placate her while Anna wants her gone.

Rachel’s life goes on exactly the same everyday until Jess (real name Megan) goes missing. Rachel knows she saw her kissing another man the day before she went missing. She also remembers patches of being in the area but doesn’t remember what happened that night. Why was her head bloodied? Does she know what happened?

We also get chapters written in Megan’s point of view. Megan is not the perfect woman that Rachel has made up in her mind and as her story unfolds, you get more and more wrapped up into what happened to her and how it has anything to do with Rachel.

I could not put this one down! I read until one in the morning, until the Kindle died and I couldn’t read any further. This is a book that I had read a lot of hype about and I usually am disappointed in those books but not this time. Definitely not this time. There is great suspense and I was rather proud of myself when a conversation between a couple led me to know who the killer was before the end reveal. And that didn’t take anything at all away from the ending.Loved it! My daughter and I have talked about how much she loves an unreliable narrator and Rachel is definitely in that category.

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