The Seventh Mother

By Sherri Wood Emmons

4 out of 5 stars

Jenny and her father Brannon never seem to stay in one place for very long. Ever since her mother died when she was three, they have gone from town to town. And in every town, Brannon hooks up with another woman who moves in with them but never seem to stay for very long. Until Emma. They meet while working a campground in Idaho. Soon after, Emma moves in and when they move off to Kentucky for a job there, Emma goes too. Emma is running away from her own past and she falls in love with Brannon and Jenny. Emma is soon pregnant so they marry and stay in Kentucky. But when Brannon moves the contents of his storage unit to the house they are renting, things change dramatically. Emma and Jenny have seen flashes of his anger but what they find goes a lot deeper.

I love the way Sherri Wood Emmons writes a young character. They are smart but not that way that a lot of writers make a young girl, too old for her time. Jenny is wise but she’s still a child just looking for a real home and real family.

This is one of those books that you will pick up in the morning and finish by the evening. You so want to see what happens to Emma and Jenny and find out if they get exactly what they’ve always hoped for, that loving, close family. I cannot thing of one plot twist that I didn’t like. Good read.

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