Big Little Lies

By Liane Moriarty

4 out of 5 stars

Gossip is such a wondrous thing. A tiny little molehill becomes such a mountain when different sides get a hold of it. And that’s exactly what happens in Big Little Lies, another wonderful read from Liane Moriarty.

The Pirriwee Public School is holding it’s annual Trivia Night when something very bad happens. The story is told in flashback with our three leading ladies. Jane is struggling with her teenage daughter wanting to spend more time with her father, who is now married to the very nurturing Bonnie. Their daughters are both starting kindergarten together and while Jane deals with that, she is also dealing with clashing with superwoman Renata.

We have Celeste, married to Perry, and mother of two twin boys starting kindergarten. Everything looks so perfect on the outside looking in but Celeste is hiding a very big secret.

And there is newcomer Jane. Her son Ziggy is starting school too and has been blamed for choking Renata’s gifted daughter Amabella. Ziggy has never met his father, a one-night stand in Jane’s past and also a very big secret.

They all converge as school starts and friendships and alliances are formed. As the story goes on, we learn more about the three friends and even more from the gossiping women and men retelling the story about the fateful trivia night. Oh, the game of telephone can twist and turn things.

This was such a fun read. It really builds up to what finally happens and lets you in on all the secrets of the parents at the school. Though it wasn’t a book that had me turning pages deep into the night, I enjoyed it very much and loved the way everything wrapped up.

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