Lucky Us

By Amy Bloom

4 out of 5 stars

Eva and her mother seem to live for the evening when Eva’s father can leave his other family and spend time with them. When his wife dies, Eva’s mom takes her to their home, telling Eva that maybe now they can have that life. But when Eva is with her older half-sister, Eva’s mom leaves her, not to return. Iris, the older sister, has aspirations of being a big star. Eva becomes her sidekick and as their father starts pilfering their money, they start hiding it and decide to run off to Hollywood where Iris can become a big star. Iris does start off really well and it looks like she might make it but than a scandal hits and things take a big turn.

As they struggle with the new meaning of their life, their father reappears and things take a totally different turn.

Through it all, Eva struggles to find herself and find out what a family is truly made of.

I love how Amy Bloom’s books kind of amble through the years of the lives of the characters. Just when you are set in how things might be with them now, a few years go by and they change dramatically. Eva was such an observer, taking in everything and everyone, and yet she didn’t really know who she was or how she herself fit in. And as you start to wonder why she even still wrapped herself around all the other lives, Amy Bloom had a way of making you have that light bulb moment and say Ah, I get it.

It reminded me a lot of her other novel, Away. I really enjoyed that one as well. It had the same sweep through time.

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