In the Blood

By Lisa Unger

4 out of 5 stars

Lana Granger has a past that seems to have come back to haunt her. She has been scarred by the death of her mother, apparently at the hands of her father. Her memory is very spotty but she does remember helping him bury her mother.

Lana was always a child who was “different”. And now, one of her professors has found a job for her babysitting for a young boy who is also very different and troubled. Luke is incredibly smart and with no affect at all, can become angry and violent at the drop of a hat. Lana feels almost a kinship with him and after beating her in chess, he tells her he wants to play a scavenger hunt with her. The clues take her to creepy places and seem to involve the disappearance of her best friend Beck. Lana was the last to see her alive and also the last to see another girl who went missing, found dead later, alive.

Does Lana have anything to do with it all? Does Luke?

This books is very dark and very bleak but it keeps you so riveted. There are alternating chapters from a mom’s journal about her difficult child and the damage he causes. It makes you feel so sorry for Luke’s mother and then there is a twist that I NEVER saw coming! It really changes the entirety of the story. I read one other book by Lisa Unger and I definitely will be searching out more.

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