The Opposite of Maybe: A Novel

By Maddie Dawson

5 out of 5 stars

I loved this book so much! It has such likable, really lovable, characters.

Rosie has been in a relationship with Jonathan for many years. They are now in their 40s. Their core group of friends are all married with children and they are fine with that until the night they are going to leave to move across the country so Jonathan can be a part of the opening of a teacup museum, yes, a teacup museum. Rosie’s grandmother Soapie is in her 80s and she’s been having mini-strokes and signs of dementia. Rosie knows she can’t leave her and she’s not sure moving to California is what she wants. She has Jonathan drop her off at her grandmother’s house and he goes anyway. Soapie is thrilled because she thinks Rosie has lost the essence of who she is.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, Rosie finds out she’s pregnant! She doesn’t want to keep the baby at first but that changes and her life takes on a whole different light.

We have the most wonderful cast of characters in her life. Soapie is a kick. She’s not the most warm and fuzzy grandmother but you know she does really love Rosie. She’s protected her for years. Rosie and Soapie were a bit hard for me to read at times because I am taking care of my 89-year-old mother with dementia and it really it home for me. Had me in tears. Soapie has had a secret relationship with George, who’s wife is in a home with Alzheimer’s. He’s just so adorable. And then we have Tony, the man who Soapie has living with her. He’s in his 30s and there could not be a more wonderful man. His wife left him for another woman and has kind of kept him on the outside of a life with their son Milo. But he loves Milo so much and you will fall in love with him.

This book had me from hello. You really will fall in love with the characters. You will want them each to get what they truly want, even if it is a teacup museum. I have Maddie Dawson’s other book, The Stuff That Never Happened on my TBR pile. I am going to have to open that one soon!

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