A Small Indiscretion

By Jan Ellison

3 out of 5 stars

A Small Indiscretion really isn’t so small. Maybe in the mind of Annie Black, it seems small, it seems inevitable, but it causes such huge damage to her family. As Annie writes a letter to her son Robbie, we learn just how much.

Annie Black, at 19, goes off to London to live and work. She takes a secretarial job with Malcolm. He is very welcoming and takes to her instantly. Malcolm is married to Louise and they have a very strange relationship which allows her to take up with their friend, an artist named Patrick. Annie finds herself drawn into a relationship of a sort with Patrick, while Malcolm declares his love for her. There is a lot of drinking on Annie’s part and she seems to just let whatever happens, happen. And a lot happens between them all. After a night with one of the men, she takes off and ends up meeting her future husband and runs off with him. Annie finds herself pregnant and marries Jonathan and goes on to have a happy life with their son and later on, two daughters. That is until a letter comes with a photograph from her time in London.

Added to all of this is an accident involving her son and a young girl who comes to work for her. So many secrets.

I loved the way the story is written as Annie explains to Robbie all that happened while he was in a coma and all that happened when she was in London. All the secrets were pretty predictable and that made me want to skim through some of the pages but I did keep reading, wanting to see what happens with Robbie more than Annie. She was rather hard to feel sorry for because she didn’t seem to hold herself accountable for very much.

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