I’ll Give You the Sun

By Jandy Nelson

4 out of 5 stars

This books is filled with so many different emotions, from first love to death, to anger and to forgiveness. It really takes you all over the emotional gamut.

Noah and Jude are twins and as close as you always hear that twins are. They can communicate with only a few words. They have their own games like I’ll give you this for that. (Hence the title) They are both getting to that awkward age at 13 where they are discovering feelings for others and finding competition between themselves for their mother. Noah is an incredible artist. He sees everything in colors. He sees words in colors. He’s constantly creating pictures in his mind. He’s also in love with the new boy who’s moved down the street. Jude is rebelling against her mother and her believed favoritism for her brother. Wen tragedy strikes the family, they lash out at each other and create a rift that might never be healed.

The story is told as Noah is 13 and everything leading up to the split. It’s also told in present day in Jude’s voice at 16. She’s searching, for what, she’s not sure, but it leads her to a reclusive sculptor who just might hold the answers to everything.

This is so beautifully written. My heart just broke for Noah as he tried to feel “normal” and find that he was worthy of any relationship he had. Jude was a little tougher so I didn’t find myself feeling as sorry for her until everything kind of fell into place. I was upset by the anger they took out on each other, knowing just how much they truly loved each other and really loved their parents. I will definitely read more from Jandy Nelson.

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