The Same Sky

By Amanda Eyre Ward

5 out of 5 stars

Every single book that I have read by Amanda Eyre Ward (no relation, so this review is totally unbiased), I have given five stars. They all pull you in from the opening lines until the final word. They never fail to touch you very deeply.

The Same Sky is the story of two different women, though I should really say one woman and one girl. Alice Conroe and her husband, who run a very successful barbecue restaurant in Texas. Things are going well for them except for the fact that they’d really love a child. They adopt a baby, only to have him taken away the very next day. Alice is lost. She’s trying to act as if she doesn’t care as much as she does. She even goes as far as to ignore her husband’s sadness. Alice decides to help a young teen from the local high school but even that doesn’t go as planned.

Then we have Carla, a young 12-year-old who lives in poverty in Honduras. Her mother has left the country and made it to America, leaving her in her grandmother’s care. She sends them money but even that is not enough to get through the awful conditions of life there. She has two young brothers and one day, her mother sends for just one of them, leaving her to watch over her brother Junior. After her grandmother dies, she is determined to make her way to this wonderful place called America but getting there might be worse than staying in Honduras.

The story is told in alternating chapters of Alice and Clara. This is not distracting in the least and it’s almost like reading two different books. You wonder how they will all tie in together, and even though it’s fleeting, it’s a wonderful connection. I could read this book again and again. As Carla tells her story, she kind of glides over some parts and in your own imagination, you know the horrors she has seen. It does make you think about how we are all under the same sky. All living through our own sadness and joys but we are all connected as humans. Just a beautiful book. Loved it.

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