Need You for Keeps – Heroes of St. Helena

Marina Adair

I loved Marina Adair’s St. Helena Vineyard Series. When I was done, I wanted to know more about some of the other characters. What do you know! Marina has started a series all about The Heroes of St. Helena. The Baudouin brothers! Frankie’s non-vineyard working men-in-uniform brothers. HUBBA HUBBA! If you thought the DeLuca boys were the only hot stuff in St. Helena, you were wrong!

Need You for Keeps starts us off with our introduction to our first Baudouin. Deputy Jonah.

We had seen this brother before in his sister Frankie’s story, Autumn in The Vineyard. Such a small glimpse of something so hot!

Shay, the local pet groomer and animal rescuer who is smart and sassy with a side of sweet is quite a handful for our stable man of the law. Though Jonah is a get-involved-without-getting-emotionally-entangled kind of guy, after one heck of a steamy kiss, neither Shay nor Jonah can stop thinking of each other.

Shay is one shade shy of the law and this 6’2″ superhero IS the law. Can she build her pet rescue without stepping over the boundaries? Can he follow the law and his heart? Can the two of them protect and serve both the citizens and the animals of St. Helena? You won’t be able to put the latest from Marina Adair down until you are able to answer these questions.

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