by Alice Hoffman

4 out of 5 stars

Twig lives in the small New England town of Sidwell, where everyone believes in monsters and fairies and witches. Twig is descended from a family that has had a curse placed on it. The Fowler men grow wings. When Twig and her mother moved back to Sidwell after her grandparents died, they kept her older brother James hidden. But James gets out at night and flies around the woods and the town.

When a new family moves into the cottage close by, things change for Twig. Her mother doesn’t really want her around them because they are descendants of the family that cursed hers but Twig becomes fast friends with Julia, really the only friend she lets herself have. When Julia’s older sister Agate finds out about James, their relationship changes everything.

Add into the mix someone wanting to tear down the woods to build up and someone letting it be known that they don’t want that and you have a wonderfully sweet tale filled with magic and whimsy.

I love Alice Hoffman. Her books always have that magical touch that make you believe in the different and the mysterious. Twig is a very lovable character, who you just fall in love with from the very beginning. This book is aimed at an age group of about 12 but at 57, I enjoyed it just as much.

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