Happiness for Beginners

By Katherine Center

5 out of 5 stars

Helen Carpenter has been divorced for a year. She’s 32 and just trying to get her footing in life. She decides she will find it on a wilderness survival course. She’s not a camper or really a hiker so this is not in her comfort zone.. When she goes to drop of her dog at her younger brother Duncan’s apartment, she meets up with his best friend Jake. Jake, it seems, is also doing the wilderness course. He also wants to ride with Helen. He also has been harboring a crush on her for years. When a game of Scrabble becomes a kissing contest, Helen starts to see Jake in another light but she has planned on this trip being something that changes her so she decides they should act like they don’t know each other. Sounds good in theory but then why is she jealous when he is with the almost-too-perfect Windy? Helen discovers more about herself and Jake during their course and the results will leave you smiling.

I have enjoyed all Katherine Center’s books that I have read but I think this is my absolute favorite. This would be the perfect romantic comedy film. I loved the connection with Jake and Helen and their conversations were just such fun! I found myself laughing out loud through a lot of the book and even feeling a bit teary at parts. I haven’t loved a couple in a book like this in such a long time. Do yourselves a favor and pick this one up and just enjoy.

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