by Rosamund Lipton

4 out of 5 stars

Beatrice gets a phone call from her mom in England telling her that her younger sister Tess is missing. She gets on a plane immediately and flies from the United States. She knows her sister has always been one with her head in the clouds and thinks that she will show up soon, especially since she is pregnant and due to give birth soon. But her sister doesn’t return home and five days later, her body is found in a bathroom in Hyde Park.

Beatrice is so sure that she knows her sister better than anyone and that she hasn’t committed suicide like they think. But she does find out that her sister had her baby and the baby was born stillborn. Beatrice didn’t know that. As she tells her story to the kind lawyer Mr. Wright, she explains how she searches for the truth about her sister’s death and how this search ends up putting her own life in danger.

I was lured into this story immediately. Beatrice’s recounting of what she does, keeps you turning page after page, until the very end. I have to say I did figure out who the killer was when we first meet this character. I don’t know why, maybe I read so much that I am getting very much into the mind of a writer. But you really don’t know who it is until the very end. This story had the atmosphere of an old detective movie. I almost felt as if I was reading it in black and white. Good story.

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