Whiskey and Charlie

By Annabel Smith

4 out of 5 stars

Charlie and William “Whiskey” Ferns are identical twins. That’s not a blessing in Charlie’s life. He feels as if Whiskey is so unlike him. After Whiskey does something that Charlie keeps wrapped tight inside him, they don’t talk to each other. But life changes when Whiskey is hit by a car and Charlie and his family stand vigil at his bedside for months. During this time, things start changing. He finds out that his mother had a child before them and that he wants to come to Australia and meet them. He also has struggles with marriage because of his parents breakup and is in fear of losing his girlfriend Juliet. (Who started off as a girlfriend of Whiskey.) Between the hospital and rehabilitation, Charlie comes to grip with what he really wants and what he really needs.

I had a hard time with Charlie. He started to make me mad because it really seemed as if most of the problems were in his mind. When he has a conversation with his mother, there was that light bulb moment for him and for me as the reader. The sibling relationship is a hard one and I am sure having someone who is you but not you, would be a hard thing to separate from or embrace. Annabel Smith does a great job of showing you that tie between Charlie and Whiskey. She also shows us that forgiving yourself is always the key. Some may complain about the ending being too pat but I liked it. I shed a tear or two or three.

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