I Was Here

By Gayle Forman

4 out of 5 stars

Meg and Cody were the best of friends all through school. They were even given the nickname “The Pod” by one of their teachers and it stuck. Meg goes off to college but Cody stays put in their little town. Things seem to be different for Cody. She starts to feel left out and in turn, starts to shut Meg out. But when Meg commits suicide, Cody feels even more cut off from Meg’s feelings and motives. Why didn’t she say anything to her so she could stop it from happening? When Meg’s parents ask her to go to Meg’s house and get her things, Cody is hesitant but once she gets there, she has a mission to find out just why Meg did what she did. She meets her roommates and Ben, the guy Meg had a “thing” with close to the time of her death.

Cody has such anger in her throughout the story. Not just for the guilt she feels for not being there for Meg but it just seemed as if she had a chip on her shoulder, even before that. Of course, her mother is not the most loving mother. Cody spent most of her time with Meg’s family but they also are hiding things. I find that there are so many young adult books where the protagonist is just angry. And many times, that turns me off from the book but not in this case. I wanted Cody to let her heart open up. I liked her, even when she was not-so-nice to sweet Alice, Meg’s roommate. The search may not always give the end result that you want but gives you want you need.

I won this book from Shelf Awareness and was excited to read it since I loved her book If I Stay. This one is a keeper (besides the fact that it’s autographed). It’s got everything in it: friendship, mystery, romance and hope.

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