Come Home

By Lisa Scottoline

3 out of 5 stars

Jill Farrow is a doctor, mother, fiancee. She’s happily living her life until the night her ex-stepdaughter shows up, drunk, at her house. Abby tells her that her father is dead and that she knows he didn’t kill himself, he was murdered. There was no love lost between Jill and her ex-husband William. There was something that happened between them, which I won’t spoil, and when confronted, William takes his daughters Abby and Victoria and leaves Jill. He doesn’t let the girls see or talk to her ever again. This was heartbreaking for Jill. Jill’s boyfriend Sam doesn’t want Jill to become involved with Abby but Jill dives in anyway. She feels once a mother, always a mother, even if it breaks up the family she has made now.

The story had a very good pace that kept you waiting to see what happened next. It had the right amount of twists and turns that left you guessing all along the way. My main problem was with how Jill didn’t really listen to anyone else, just kind of pushed along  her own way. That made me not like her as much as I probably should have but I do understand the bond of motherhood and how you would do anything to protect your children, blood or not. All in all, a good little mystery.

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