Luckiest Girl Alive

By Jessica Knoll

4 out of 5 stars

This book has been touted by lots of sites as one of THE books of the summer. It also has something I have seen on a lot of pages for books saying ‘for fans of Gone Girl” It seems that most every book is being compared to Gone Girl lately and in this situation, I can see a comparison. First, the main character Ani (real name TifAni Fanelli) is very unlikable. She is trying to be something she’s not throughout the whole book, which I do understand later in the story. She is engaged but doesn’t seem to love her fiancee, she just seems to want to advance in life from where she started. A very bad incident happens when she is in high school and a film crew wants to make a documentary about it. The story goes between Ani now and TifAni back in high school. As we go further into her past, I did start to feel sorry for her, even with some of the awful things she did often think about. I love when an author can make you care about a character that you probably wouldn’t ever really like. I am also glad that I didn’t stop reading after those first chapters when I thought I just didn’t like her and probably would not finish the book. I thought it was one of those way too hyped up books that everyone says you should love but you end up hating and wondering WTF? But I am glad I stuck it out and once you start delving further into the story, you will too.

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