The Far End of Happy

By Kathryn Craft

3 out of 5 stars

The premise of this story, a standoff with the distraught husband of the main character, and the emotions following, had me excited to pick it from Netgalley but I did not really feel a connection with any of them. I was disappointed.

Ronnie Farnham is leaving her husband Jeff after years of a marriage where she has felt unheard. She has also been lied to as he hides his drinking, sometimes not hiding it, and hides a boatload of credit card debt. They live on a farm that they both have worked hard to refurbish and raise their two sons on and though she has tried, she can’t do it anymore. She has even asked her mother Beverly to find a place for her to move the boys to. The other problem with leaving is that Beverly and Jeff’s mom Jane, are best friends. The day she is supposed to leave, Jeff holes himself up in his office with a shotgun. He has threatened to kill himself before but this time it seems he means business.

This is a novel that is base on personal experience so I feel bad that I could write anything negative about it but I didn’t love it. It seemed rather procedural and the ending was almost anticlimactic. I found myself getting annoyed with Jane and Beverly. I can understand Jane not wanting to believe anything bad about her son but it got to be too much. And when Ronnie talks to her kids, it’s so matter-of-fact, it almost seemed to lack emotion. I wish I had felt more. It did keep me reading to see what the final outcome was but I can’t say it left me sad.

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