The Ice Twins

By S.K. Tremayne

3.5 out of 5 stars

This was a very eerie, different kind of story. I think the setting, the foggy Scottish isle of Torran, that the family moves to, really leads to making the tale of a dead child and the family’s aftermath, even more strange and dark. Sarah and Angus Moorcroft have lost one of their twins, Lydia, when she falls from a balcony at her grandparents home. Poor Kirstie, the daughter left behind, seems to retract into herself. She often displays the same mannerisms as her dead twin. Lydia and Kirstie were identical in every sense of the word. Their parents dressed one in yellow and one in blue to be able to differentiate between them. Except on the day that Lydia falls.

They escape to the island cottage that Angus has inherited from his grandmother. It’s very remote. You need a boat to get to it or walk in low tide through the mud.

Kirstie says that she is Lydia, that they said the wrong daughter died and that sets off a fear in Sarah that just might push them all over the edge. Has Lydia come back as a ghost? Is it really Kirstie that died? What exactly happened that day? Angus and Sarah both harbor secrets that equal the truth.

This book really had me scratching my head as to what was real and what wasn’t. A job well done, S.K. Tremayne. It’s strange and mysterious and tinged with a deep sadness. And the setting is perfect! I felt the cold coming through the walls of the house. Great read for a cold and rainy day. (If we ever have one of those again here in California!)

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