Girl Underwater

By Claire Kells

5 out of 5

On Facebook the other day, there was a post from O Magazine about the five books you should read this Memorial Day weekend. I was skeptical because I find that very often, books that Oprah chooses are so depressing. I was very pleasantly surprised! Loved this book! O Magazine said that you probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend with this book, you’d be turning the pages very quickly. I read it in a day.

Avery Delacorte is a sophomore in college, on the swim team, and heading home to Boston for Thanksgiving. By no plans of her own, she ends up sitting next to Colin Shea, also on the swim team and someone who’s got a place in her mind that she hasn’t defined yet. When their plane goes down over the Rockies, they are in the fight of their lives. Avery and Colin survive as does three little boys who look to them for everything.

The book goes in between what happens when they are stuck in the mountains, the recovery time and what happens after. I didn’t understand Avery’s need to separate herself from the other four. Everyone seemed to move on except her. And then you reach the parts where you understand why. I read somewhere that this was about surviving survival and that is definitely true. We don’t often think about what happens after you survive. Why you and why not everyone else? And the relationship between Colin and Avery? Loved it! And the ending? I won’t complain. All I know is that I couldn’t devour this book fast enough. Thank you O Magazine for putting it on my radar. I think I need to go back to that article and see what other books you picked.

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