Life is Short (No Pun Intended)

By Jennifer Arnold, M.D. & Bill Klein

4 out of 5 stars

I love The Little Couple on TLC. Their joy for life and love of their family is just so heartwarming and uplifting. In this age of so much nonsense, especially on reality shows, it’s refreshing to see a happy family.

Their book delves more deeply into the trials and tribulations of being a little person, especially when they were young. The amount of surgeries alone! And yet, they kept up their optimism and hope throughout it all. Oh, there were a few dark moments but they pushed through them. Their love story, they see each other very young and then not again for years, is perfect. Kismet does exist!

They go into a bit more detail about Will and Zoey’s adoptions. There are a few behind-the-scenes things we didn’t see on the show. And of course, Jennifer’s cancer battle is discussed but still with that never-say-quit attitude.

The chapters are told in alternating voices and it would have been great to listen to this book on audio with Jennifer’s bubbly personality and straightforward, seriousness and Bill’s sarcastic humor. (He’s my kind of guy.) You will find yourself smiling while reading it and quite satisfied at the end. I am just glad that I can continue to watch their lives on their show and see just where they go.

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