A Fine Romance


by Candice Bergen ***

I had loved Candice Bergen’s previous book, Knock on Wood, so I was dying to start reading her continuation of her memoirs. It started out fine enough with her romance and marriage to the famed director Louis Malle. Loved hearing of her love for her child, Chole Malle. My heart broke for her when her beloved husband got ill and then passed away. After that, the book seemed rushed.

We as a nation thought we knew who Candice Bergen was… She was Murphy Brown. But, in reality, Murphy is just Candice being at her worst. She is a kind soul who doesn’t seem at almost 70 years old to ever feel like she belongs. That she isn’t a part of her own life. She has had three great loves in her life. Louis Malle, her first husband. Chole, her daughter. Marshall Rose, leading financier and current husband. She is still a woman who believes in romance.

Although her prose was romantic, at times I felt I was reading her calendar. This party, that party, these celebrities attended, those celebrities attended. She never believes herself to be worthy of any of them. She holds onto the past (never getting rid of her first apartment), and I believe that from her first book her feeling of not being worthy has carried into her later years.

Read this if you are interested in Candy’s details of her time after her 30’s, but only after doing a binge read of her first book.

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