In The Unlikely Event

By Judy Blume

4 out of 5 stars

Judy Blume is back and it’s like it hasn’t been years since her last book. Judy Blume is one of those authors who can write in the voice of a child, a teen and an adult without it seeming as it is an adult trying to capture a younger person’s words. If that makes any sense. I remember as a teen picking up Forever and wondering who was this woman who made me want to fall in love at a summer camp. It was written with so much honesty.

When Judy was young, three planes crashed in a short period of time and that is the impetus for the book. The story is told in many voices but mainly it’s the voice of Miri, a 15-year-old living with her single mother, grandmother and uncle. Miri and her mother witness the crash of the first plane. Her best friend Natalie, who lives in a family that Miri covets, says she has the spirit of Ruby, a dancer who died in the crash, inside her. When the second plane crashes, Natalie’s brother Steve loses the girl he loves and that sends him in a downward spiral. The family that Miri loves starts to implode. Then the third plane crashes. Amidst conspiracy theories, the Korean conflict is going on at the time, about war, aliens, government involvement, the town tries to go on living. There’s first love, hidden love, divorce,

There are a lot of characters that speak  during the book and that is not at all confusing. Many start talking right before a crash and you realize they are probably doomed but that’s okay. It gives another look at the tragedy besides the survivors. But it’s not just about the planes, there is plenty of family drama, friend drama, teen drama, just a lot of good drama! And a few tears. I loved Miri’s close family, even though she wants what the Osners have, she loves her family and they love her. And in a sense, she does get what she wants.

I certainly hope we don’t have to wait years and years for the next book. But then again, Judy Blume is always worth waiting for.

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