The Idea of Love: A Novel

by Patti Callahan Henry

4 out of 5 stars

Blake comes to the Southern town of Watersend looking for a story that will be his next big movie. A love story to be exact. He’s using the name Hunter to hide his own identity. He comes across Ella and something about her draws him in. She tells him that her husband has recently died and spins a story about their meeting. This is it, Blake thinks. Little does he know that Ella is weaving her own story. Her husband hasn’t died, he’s left her for her best friend’s sister. As the two see more of each other, there is a connection that neither one can deny, as much as they try, especially Ella. Both are so unhappy, both with an idea of what love should be, and yet never really finding it that way. Their time together is short. Is it enough time to find what they are both looking for?

When Patti Callahan Henry writes about the South, it takes me to a place that I have never been but feel as if I have. I am fascinated by it and she makes me want to be by the water or at that little bar or restaurant and take it all in. As Blake (Hunter) writes his story, I can so see it becoming the romance movie it’s intended to be. (This would make a good film.) And as much as I loved Ella and Blake, my favorite character had to be Ella’s neighbor Mimi. You know she knew what she was talking about even as she spoke in circles. This is the perfect summer read.

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