Maybe In Another Life

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

4 out of 5 stars

Hannah Martin has returned to Southern California after living in six different cities. She doesn’t know what she’s planning on doing with her life or where it’s heading but she’s moving back to L.A. and closer to her best friend Gabby. When Hannah’s parents moved to London for their younger daughter’s ballet career, Hannah lived for a few years of high school with Gabby and her parents. She’s also coming back to her ex-boyfriend Ethan. Gabby and Hannah meet up with old friends and Ethan at a bar and around midnight, they start to leave. This is where the story takes on it’s life. In one part of the story, Hannah leaves with Gabby and her husband. In another, she leaves with Ethan. When she leaves with Gabby, she ends up being in a horrible auto accident that has her in the hospital to recover and also leads her to Henry, her night nurse. They have an instant connection.

When she leaves with Ethan, they start their relationship back up again. But there is something from her past that changes how things are to be.

In both lives, there are similarities and differences. Gabby and her husband’s future remain the same, which I found interesting. There were things that happened to Hannah that seemed almost the same in both lives with each man. Does that mean even in a parallel universe, things are the same or just maybe off by a fraction of what is happening in the other world? It is a love story but not in the typical sense of a love story. It speaks of the consequences that our actions take and stepping up to what you choose to do in life. I wasn’t sure how it would end. Was it all a dream? I do like the way it played out. I was happy either way. It’s a very imaginative concept for a story.

Another great read by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I have enjoyed all three of her books and look forward to number four.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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