A Window Opens

By Elisabeth Egan

5 out of 5 stars

Alice Pearse has a good life. She’s happily married to Nicholas, a lawyer awaiting partnership in his law firm. She has three healthy, wonderful children. She has her parents, her father is a cancer survivor. She works part-time at a woman’s magazine and has plenty of time for her children and for participating at their schools. And then….Nicholas is not on the fast track to partnership so he leaves his job. Alice must find something full-time while he sets up a private practice. She is hired for Scroll, a kind of book-reading lounge/store for ebooks and rare editions. It’s a rather confusing job and takes up a whole lot of her time. She becomes consumed in it and her home life starts to fall apart. Her husband starts drinking. Her father’s cancer comes back. Her wonderfully organized home becomes one of chaos. (Thank goodness for her great babysitter!) Can you really have it all?

I am having a banner month with the books I’ve read. Loved this book! Alice is such a great character. She’s very funny. She’s every mom with so much on her plate that she doesn’t know what to start with. Every character is fully flushed out. From her kids to her best friend Susanna to her co-worker Matthew, you feel you know them all.

It also really hit home for me. Her father’s illness and the subsequent hospice care is something I could totally understand. Losing my mom this past January and actually losing my father 35 years ago to cancer that started in his esophagus, I was right there with Alice. I cried and I laughed. It was completely written in truth. There was a line that really got to me, “memorization is the first stage of grief”. So true. Actually, there were quite a few lines that made me go “hmmm”.

I also love her love of books. The story opens with a sweet story of her selling books to her father and incorporates books throughout. I want a Girls Night Out at the book store!

I happily received a copy from Negalley in exchange for an honest review.

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