The Blue

By Lucy Clarke

This book is really two stories, now and then, that eventually merge into one. In the “now”, Lana is awaiting word on the sinking of the yacht “The Blue”. She used to sail on the boat with the crew that is missing. Her best friend Kitty was still on the yacht. As she waits for word and as family members of the crew gather, she remembers why she left.

And that leads us into the “then”. Kitty and Lana were running away from life and ended up in the Philippines by the luck of the spinning globe. They meet Denny who introduces them to the others who are just living the free life, sailing around on the yacht and going where it takes them. Despite Aaron’s (the skipper) rules about no relationships between the group, Lana and Denny find themselves drawn to each other. Life goes along well until a tragedy occurs and the following days lead up to suspicion and anger.

The book goes back and forth between the now and then.

This story has so many snaky twists and turns. Just when you think something has been uncovered, BAM, something else is thrown in the mix. I would think aha! And then Lucy Clarke would say hold on there, I’m not finished. I almost felt Lana’s claustrophobia stuck in that yacht with nothing but ocean surrounding her, suspecting everyone of a crime. Very well-written. And the epilogue. That epilogue! Made me say whoa.

I have two more of her books on my Kindle and I think I am going to have to open them up pretty soon.

I happily received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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