The Martian

By Andy Weir

4 out of 5 stars

I wanted to read this before the movie came out. I like to compare the two. The movie isn’t out yet but I kept picturing Matt Damon as Mark Watney as the read the book. That’s not a bad thing.

Mark Watney is one of a group of astronauts who are the first to walk on Mars. During a freak accident, they think he has died and leave the planet without him. Only he’s not dead! The book takes us through his struggle and plans to stay alive until he can be rescued and the attempts of NASA to rescue him. Mark is quite the inventive man. I don’t know my CO2 from by C3PO but he comes up with so many different off-the-wall ways to grow plants and to contact NASA. You would think this would be a very serious story but our Mark has quite the sense of humor. From his musing on how he likes Mr. Furley more than the Ropers to is hate of disco music, you will laugh out loud with him.

I can’t wait to see the movie now and compare notes. As we know, the book is always better and this was one very good read. I had to stop myself a few times from turning to the back to see if he makes it out or not but I controlled myself and I am glad I did.

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