In a Dark Dark Wood

By Ruth Ware

4 out of 5 stars

Leonora Shaw, a writer of crime fiction, is invited to a hen party (what we call a bachelorette party) out of the blue. It’s for her old friend Clare, someone she hasn’t seen in years. After a bad breakup with her boyfriend James in high school, Nora (as she goes by now) just kind of drops away from everyone. She’s completely caught off guard by the invite but when she finds out her friend Nina is going, she decides to go too. This isn’t your usual party, it’s being run by Clare’s friend Flo, who seems to be too attentive to everything Clare. Besides Nina, Nora and Flo, the party is also attended by Tom, a playwright friend and Melissa, an old college friend and new mother. It’s being held at Flo’s aunt’s glass house deep in the woods, very deserted. The story begins with Nora in the hospital, pretty beaten up. What happened and who died?!

There were some fun characters especially over-the-top Flo. I kept waiting for her to lose it. And it does keep you wondering just what happened to Nora and James all those years ago and what hold does Clare have over her. The pace of the story held up throughout, there were no lulls and added to your questioning just what was going to happen. All I know is I didn’t like Clare from the beginning to the end and you’ll understand that for sure. Good suspenseful read.

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