By Drew Barrymore

4 out of 5 stars

Wildflower is one of those very enjoyable reads. You know, the kind where you find yourself smiling or laughing or just shaking your head. It’s an autobiography but told in a different ways. Each chapter is a different time in her life but not in any chronological order. They aren’t even exactly all times. A couple of the chapters are love letters to her daughters, who she obviously adores. I think it’s Drew Barrymore exactly as you think she is, bubbly, independent, maybe a bit out there. And she does like the use of exclamation marks! It seems like they are at the end of every other sentence. But isn’t that the Drew we all know and love?  She took a rather rocky beginning and teen life and made something out of it without regrets. If you like Drew, and who doesn’t, you should pick this one up.

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