What She Knew

By Gilly Macmillan

4 out of 5 stars

Rachel Jenner and her young son Ben are walking in Bristol Park when he asks if he can run up ahead to the rope swing in the forest. She lets him thinking that he should learn to be independent and have no fear. When she arrives at the swing, neither Ben nor their dog is there. She searches everywhere, coming across a friend who is coaching a group of boys and the true search begins. The police are called in and everyone is considered suspect. Rachel is vilified on social media. Was she too depressed since her divorce and her husband’s new marriage? Family secrets emerge that cast a shadow of doubt .

The story also is told by DI Jim Clemo, who was in charge of the case. He’s in the office of a therapist reliving just what happened and how he is lost in that. All of this casts a veil of foreboding throughout the whole book. You are almost afraid to find out just what happened to Ben.

This is a great page-turner. As poor Rachel falls apart, you can’t help but wonder just what you would do in her situation. (Not that I would want to find out.) The characters are sympathetic but you have that little niggling in the back of your mind, is it one of them?  It’s very suspenseful but also very emotional. Very hard to put down. This is her debut novel and she hit it out of the park.

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