Memory House

By Bettye Lee Crosby

4 out of 5 stars

I love a story that has a sweet, magical quality to it and I needed one, especially with today marking the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing. I found just what I needed in Ophelia Browne and Annie Cross.

Ophelia is the keeper of memories. Objects from peoples’ past only need to be touched by her and she feels what they felt. It’s her job to cherish and keep those memories. How I would love to be able to just touch one of my mom’s possessions and feel whatever she was feeling.  When Annie stumbles across her bed and breakfast, Ophelia feels she’s found the person to take her place. Ophelia is almost ninety and Browne women never live past ninety. At first, Annie feels sparks but nothing too drastic. She needs to get her life in order and something about being with Ophelia, makes her feel like home.

Annie forms an attachment to a bicycle and feels if she can fix it and ride it, she will feel just what the little boy felt. She will know his memories. Little does she know but that bicycle will bring her so much more.

I didn’t realize that objects and people in this book have been in other of Bettye’s books. I had read Spare Change a while back and loved it but it didn’t dawn on me until the end of the book where she explains the bits and pieces. The characters are so easy to love. You wish you could be sitting on that back porch drinking some dandelion tea right along with them. Like I said, this was exactly what I needed to read. It will fill you with the warm fuzzies.

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