The Widow

By Fiona Barton

3.5 out of 5 stars

Here we have another book touted as if you loved Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. Well, I loved both of them but I can’t say I loved this one. I liked it but something left me wanting. Let me explain the story…

Jean Taylor’s husband has just died, fell into an oncoming bus. The press are hounding her. They are at her door. She finally lets one in and they whisk her away to do a story. But that’s only a part of why they want her. Jean’s husband Glen was accused of kidnapping a 3-year-old named Bella. He was acquitted of the charges but they never stopped believing that he had something to do with it. We follow the police as they investigate Glean and Jean. Glen had a secretive side involving porn and child porn. Jean wanted a baby badly but Glen could not have one. There are all these little niggles throughout the book. Does she really believe he didn’t take Bella or is she just being the dutiful wife? Or does she have something to do with it all? These questions make it interesting. What is she hiding? But then it starts to drag. The final reveal is kind of anticlimactic. I felt something was missing. It started off really strong and that kept me reading but then it kind of lost me. I felt a bit let down. I will definitely read something from Fiona Barton again. She has a keen eye for the psychological suspense and this being her first outing, she did have me intrigued in what was going to happen.

I received a copy of this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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