The Good Goodbye

By Carla Buckley

4 out of 5 stars

Arden and Rory lie in the hospital, in adjoining rooms, both clinging to life after a suspicious fire in their college dorm room. Their parents sit vigil by their side. Their friend was killed in the fire and they know every second counts with their young lives. Arden and Rory are cousins, almost like sisters, whose  lives have been wrapped together since childhood. Arden’s mother Natalie owns a restaurant with Rory’s father, who is her husband’s brother. Their relationship is contentious right now because of a bad investment he has made. This bad investment has led to the girls being together in a small college, not on separate coasts in the colleges of their dreams. As they cling to life, we learn their backstory and just what brought them to this point. How well does a parent really know their children?

I stayed up until almost 2 in the morning to finish this book last night. I needed to find out how the fire started and see how it all ended! This was another book where there were alternating narrators (I seem to be reading a lot of those lately). We had Natalie, Arden,  and Rory’s point of view. I had a hard time liking Rory for a while. You do get to understand her actions as the story unfolds. This family has so many secrets! I loved how the tension built and when there is a big surprise reveal, you just want to tell the characters what’s going on. Always the sign of a very good read when I become involved with fictional characters! I feel I got to know each character so well and the last page left me in tears. Definitely worth staying up late for.


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