Somewhere Out There

By Amy Hatvany

4 out of 5 stars

Jennifer is a young mother of two girls, 4-year-old Brooke and baby Natalie. She’s on her own. She’s done whatever she can do to take care of them. On one fateful night, she leaves them in the car as she enters a grocery story to shoplift some food. She’s caught, arrested and the girls are in the custody of the state. She’s heading off to prison so she thinks the best thing she can do for them is to sign away her rights. Jennifer thinks that a nice family will adopt both her girls but unfortunately, that’s not the way it goes. Baby Natalie is adopted by a loving family but Brooke ends up in the system until she ages out. When Natalie’s young daughter is doing a class project of a family tree, Natalie decides she needs to find out about her mother. She’s known she’s adopted since she was ten but she is completely unaware that she had a sister. She sets out to find Brooke and she hopes to find her mother. Brooke is happy to have a sister but she feels a bit differently about their mother. Will they reunite?

I loved how the story is told by all three women. You could read exactly how Jennifer felt without her children all those years. You read how Brooke had to build up a tough exterior to hide her pain. You read how Natalie always felt alone, even in her loving family. I felt like I was spying on a real family with real problems. It wasn’t all tied up in a neat little bow and I can only imagine what happened after the final words. (I opt for happiness) Amy Hatvany always writes such wonderful character-based stories and she struck gold with this one too.

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