Only Ever You

By Rebecca Drake

4 out of 5 stars

Jill Lassiter is at the park with her three-year-old daughter Sophia when she disappears. She’s there one minute, Jill stops to help another mother, and then gone the next. The police are called, her husband comes and Sophia is found 40 minutes later, seemingly fine. Jill notices a little puncture wound on her arm (comes into play later) and has her checked out. She feels something is wrong but the doctors assure her that everything is fine. All Sophia says about the time is something about a doggie. Seems like a moment that she just wandered off and everything is safe but someone is watching them. The chapters alternate between Bea, the woman who has plans for Sophia, Bea’s daughter’s diary that explains Bea’s attachment to Sophia and Jill. When Sophia is stolen a second time, right out from under them, in their own home, Jill and her husband David become the main suspects. Secrets are revealed and time is ticking…..

Filled with many twisty turns, I was biting my nails while reading! Things kept changing around every corner. I do have to say that I did figure out the big mystery of Sophia’s birth very soon into the book but it didn’t distract from any of the story. There were more than enough red herrings to keep you guessing. This domestic thriller will have you hooked from the first page until the very exciting conclusion. I know I was up until midnight finishing it last night and that’s even on this whacked out daylight savings time change!

I happily received a copy of this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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