Just Fall

By Nina Sadowsky

3.5 out of 5 stars

Right after Ellie and Rob are married, before entering their reception, he tells her a dark secret. He’s killed someone. (Well technically not just some “one”) Ellie is thrown for a loop but keeps thinking he’s her Rob, it will be okay. But when some goons come and spirit them away, she has to decide if she is someone capable of doing anything to save her husband. Can she become a killer too?

There is a whole lot going on in this story and I mean a WHOLE lot! From murder, to child stealing, to revenge, the books takes you around the bend and back again. Was it the greatest story? No but it did keep me quite entertained as I turned the page to see just where they were going. I liked Ellie for all her flaws and heck, I even liked Rob, most of the time. The novel goes back and forth between Then and Now so we get the back story we need to understand all the motives involved and we get what’s happening.

For a first time novel, I think Ms. Sadowsky did very well. I read that she wrote the script for the film The Wedding Planner but although there is a romantic side to the book, what would you do for the one you love, don’t be looking for your typical romcom. Unless of course, your idea of a romcom consists of severed body parts.

I received a copy of this ARC from

Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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