Dear Thing

By Julie Cohen

3 out of 5 stars

Ben and Claire seem to have it all. They are in love with each other, have a lovely home, good jobs. Yes, on the outside, it seems perfect. There is just one thing they are missing, a child. They have tried by all means available to have a baby but Claire is unable to and after they lose a baby (conceived by IVF), they are devastated. Romily, Ben’s best friend, offers to be a surrogate for them. Ben is on board immediately, he wants his “own” child. Claire is more hesitant. She feels she is lacking as a woman because she cannot have their baby. When all is said and done, they go with the plan and Romily is pregnant immediately. The problem is Romily is in love with Ben and always has been. She feels she has hidden it and Ben and Claire are even her daughter Posie’s godparents and a big part of her life. But what happens when everything is exposed? What happens to Ben and Claire? What happens to the baby?

What I liked about the book was the relationship between Claire and Romily and how it grows throughout the story. Both are hesitant around each other but as time goes on, their friendship blossoms and I love where it goes. What I disliked about the book was Ben. I wanted to yell at him quite a few times. (And I did, out loud.) He wanted his baby come hell or high water and put blinders on to how anyone else was feeling. I wondered what both women saw in him and unfortunately, that really distracted me from a lot of enjoyment in the story. At least Jarvis, Posie’s dad, was a lot more likable.  Oh, I did end up in tears, what else is new, but I cannot say I loved the book. It was a good weekend read.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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