Tell Me Three Things

By Julie Buxbaum

5 out of 5 stars

When I think of picking up a new book by Julie Buxbaum, I smile. I read her two books, The Opposite of You and After You, in record time. I smile just thinking about them. I smile just thinking about this wonderful new book. I would put a thousand smiley, hearty emojis across the top of this review, if I could. My heart was smiling as I turned the last page.

Jessie’s world is turned upside down. Her beloved mother has passed away and 733 days later (she keeps count), she is whisked away from Chicago to Los Angeles to live with her father’s new wife, one she didn’t even know about. He met her online in a support group and they are now married. She has a very flamboyant stepbrother who doesn’t even look at her and now she has to start her junior year in high school in a new, very preppy, very exclusive school. Her first day doesn’t go well and she’s feeling extremely low when she gets an email from Somebody Nobody. He says he saw her and thought she would need someone to help her navigate this new world. He won’t say who he is and at first, she’s apprehensive because what if it’s one of the snobby mean girls playing a trick on her? She decides to trust him. He helps her make friends and their conversations are just so sweet. They start telling each other three things about themselves. As she wonders if she will ever meet him, she starts wondering just who he is. Is it Liam? The boy who works with her at the bookstore? Is it Caleb, a senior and friend of Liam.s? Is it Ethan? Oh, she wants it to be Ethan. Ethan is the guy she is working on her English paper with. There is just something mysterious about him. All the while, Somebody Nobody helps her find herself in her new home and surroundings.

Love, love, love, love this book. I turned that last page and I had a smile on my face and a few tears running down my cheek. You will just love these characters. I had to stop myself from looking ahead to see just who he was. That was difficult for me but I loved following them along throughout the whole book. Amazing job on your first YA book, Julie Buxbaum. Now I am going to make like Billy Idol and cry “More, More, More”!

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