Don’t You Cry

By Mary Kubica

4 out of 5 stars

Quinn Collins wakes up after a night out to find a man in her bed, who she gets to leave quickly, and her roommate gone. She thinks she is probably at church but when she doesn’t arrive home, she starts snooping. Her bedroom window is open and she is nowhere to be found. It turns into days and Quinn slowly starts finding out bits and pieces about Esther Vaughn that she had no idea about.

In a small Michigan harbor town, young Alex goes about his mundane life, working in the diner, taking food to the local recluse and taking care of his alcoholic dad. He spots a young woman in town, someone he hasn’t seen before, and this starts a little bit of an obsession for him. He finally meets her, unaware of why she’s really in town.

These stories go back and forth and you think you know how they might be connected but you really don’t. As her usual, Mary Kubica has a few twists to throw into the story to keep you turning pages. While I didn’t like this one as much as The Good Girl or Pretty Baby,  it is still a tightly written, face-paced story that you will not be disappointed in.

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