First Frost

By Sarah Addison Allen

4 out of 5 stars

I FINALLY got around to reading this lovely book that takes us back into the lives of the enchanted  Waverly family. We first read about Claire, Sydney and Bay in Garden Spells and this time Bay is a teenager who is growing up and dealing with her gift of knowing who belongs where. She writes a note to Josh, one of the popular boys on campus, that changes both of them. Claire is dealing with her booming candy business but she’s not really happy. And Sydney is driving herself crazy (and making red streaks appear in her hair) trying to get pregnant.

As they wait for the first frost and the blooming of the powerful apple tree, can they make the right decisions for themselves and their families? And who is this older man who has been watching them?

Sarah Addison Allen has to be one of the most magical writers around. There is such a joy and mystical quality  to all of her novels. I guarantee that you will not feel bad after reading one. I was smiling at the end of this one and look forward to more stories about this wonderful Waverly family. And just when will Phin and Bay realize that they belong together?!

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