The Weekenders

By Mary Kay Andrews

4 out of 5 stars

Memorial Weekend has come and gone but it started beach read time! Okay. I didn’t go to the beach but if I did,  The Weekenders would be the perfect beach book.

Riley Nolan’s family has lived on Belle Isle, North Carolina all her life and beyond that. She takes the ferry on the weekends from Raleigh with her husband Wendell and her pre-teen daughter Maggy. Only lately, her husband hasn’t been a part of their lives. He’s been so busy trying to change Belle Isle by building and building on it that Riley has asked for a divorce. When he’s a no-show yet again, that’s the last straw for Riley but actually it’s the last straw for Wendell because he is found dead, floating in the water. Who killed Wendell? Everyone is suspect including Riley, who with the help of her best friend Parrish, is determined to find out. And that’s especially when she finds out their home is in foreclosure and most of their money has been drained. Not only their money though, her brother, his husband and her mother’s money as well. Then there’s ex-boyfriend Nate, who made a fortune and is back home helping his mother and maybe eyeing some changes on the island himself.

This is exactly what I have come to expect from Mary Kay Andrews. It was fun, there was the bond of family and friends, great cast of characters  and a little mystery thrown in too. The characters were all great. I loved Riley and Nate together. I loved Riley and Parrish together. I just loved Riley. She had her moments but she always admitted when she was wrong. I did have a problem with her daughter Maggy at times. I know it was her age but she was awfully cruel to her mother throughout a lot of the book. It made me cringe. If you are looking for some fun reading, this is the place to start. Really, any of Mary Kay Andrews’ books are the place to start. Enjoy.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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