We’re All Damaged

By Matthew Norman

4 out of 5 stars

Andy Carter thought he had a good life. He had a wife, who happened to be his best friend’s sister. He had a decent job. He had a nice home. And then Karen leaves him. That begins a downward spiral of losing his job, crashing his best friend’s truck, vomiting during his best man’s speech (but he gets a lot of YouTube hits!) and hitting his ex-father-in-law. He leaves and moves to New York where he pretty much wallows in self-pity. He gets a call from his mom that his grandfather doesn’t have long to live and she’s booked him on a flight to come home to Omaha. He’s reluctant but he loves his grandfather and he goes. Andy doesn’t realize how much has changed at home. His mother is angling for a job as a talking head on Fox News. She’s got a radio show that’s doing very well. She’s also got the Glitter Squad who do quite a few interesting things to her yard because of her anti gay marriage stand. His father is quiet. Something is going on with him. (As we learn because of the Glitter Squad later.)

He meets Daisy, a young woman who has told the people at the home that she is his grandfather’s granddaughter. They start a very interesting relationship and Daisy takes him to places he wouldn’t normally go. Can she bring him back to the land of the living? And just who is she exactly?

This book is very, very funny. I could just picture a bunch of Ken dolls all over the yard. I could just picture the security guard Don Johnson (I kid you not) acting like a full blown cop. The breakup scene in Applebee’s was worth everything! Wham!  And Andy was a very lovable character despite his depression. You will definitely root for him to get over his ex-wife and to find whatever it is he’s looking for. Daisy was kind of hit or miss for me. I liked her with Andy but the ending left me feeling ambivalent towards her. I can see the movie now. I picture Paul Rudd as Andy. Start those cameras rolling!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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