The Girls

By Emma Cline

4 out of 5 stars

I have been in Florida awaiting the birth of my grandson and my reading has seemed to fall off a bit but I am glad that I picked up this one. It brought me back to California and really brought back those late 60s,  where life seemed different than it does now.

Evie Boyd is 14 and at that age where she’s unsure of just who she is going to become. Her parents are divorcing. She doesn’t like being around the men her mother dates. She doesn’t want to be around her mother. Evie seems to be outgrowing her friends and when she sees Suzanne, a wild and free girl, she is drawn to her immediately. Suzanne brings her back to her home, a compound lead by somewhat charismatic Russell. They beg, borrow and steal to survive but they want to buck the system. Or so they say. When Russell’s dreams of a record contract are squelched by a singer he has befriended, he tells Suzanne to take care of him. This event will shape Evie’s life forever.

Shades of the Manson family! The crime that occurs  is just as horrific and despicable as what the Manson family did back in the day. I often wondered how anyone could be taken in by Charles Manson, and now in this case Russell, but Emma Cline made it so understandable. (Of course, the myriad of drugs helped.)  Evie wasn’t really attracted to Russell though, it was Suzanne who kept her spellbound. Suzanne had just the right amount of give and take to keep Evie wanting more. The crime itself was hard to read and Evie afterward,  was just sad. Her life forever changed for something she didn’t even do. It’s a slow-moving story that will reel you in and leave you feeling rather sad but keep you reading until the final page.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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