The Regulars

By Georgia Clark

The Regulars: A Novel by [Clark, Georgia]

3 out of 5 stars

What if you could drink a magic elixir and become stunningly gorgeous? Would it change your life for the better? That’s what happens in this new novel by Georgia Clark. Evie seems stymied in her job at a “woman’s” magazine that cares more about looks and how good someone is in bed than the issues she wants on the forefront. Her roommate and friend Krista, dropped out of law school to chase after that acting dream but isn’t having much luck. And Willow, lives in the shadow of her famous father, knowing she has artistic talent but not finding her niche. When Krista is offered the bottle of Pretty, she jumps at the chance, as does Willow. Their looks are changed and their lives change. Evie is the last to jump on board, still hoping that the looks will open the doors into what she really wants to show the world. Each one gets what they want, at first, but things start to go in ways they really hadn’t planned.

This is the “be careful what you wish for” story. I had read so many good things about it and was really looking forward to it but I hate to say, I was disappointed. I liked the idea. I laughed at a few lines. What would you do if your looks were suddenly changed and you were one of those airbrushed super models you see everyday? But I didn’t like the characters so that made it difficult for me to like much of anything else. I did like Evie the most, I will say that but Krista, she was too over the top. It is a pretty quick read and I am sure there will be others who will love it. (There have been, I’ve seen the reviews.)

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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