The Dinner Party

By Brenda Janowitz

The Dinner Party: A Novel by [Janowitz, Brenda]

4 out of 5 stars

A family dinner filled with laughter and arguing, who hasn’t had one of those? This dinner party happens to be the Seder dinner for Sylvia and her family. They have their traditions but this year, it’s  different. Sylvia’s daughter Becca is dating a Rothschild. Yes, one of those! She pulls out all the stops to impress them. Unfortunately, in her mind anyway, that means inviting Joe, her daughter Sarah’a boyfriend and his over-the-top mother Valentina and keeping them away fr0m them. (The scene where they Facetime someone in prison is great.)  She will figure a way to keep them away from the Rothschilds. Of course, the best laid plans…..

Little does Sylvia know, there are lots of secrets that will come to light at this dinner party. Sarah and Joe have their secret. Becca has hers. The Rothschilds have a very big secret and lo and behold, Sylvia’s golden child Gideon appears with a fiancee. What could go wrong?

This was a very fun and quick read. The chapters are short and they keep the flow of everyone’s storylines going. It is definitely a good end of summer read, nothing dire and just something nice and light. Very enjoyable.

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