The Things We Wish Were True

By Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

The Things We Wish Were True by [Whalen, Marybeth Mayhew]

3.5 out of 5 stars

Sycamore Glen is a nice little neighborhood in North Carolina. Everyone seems to know everyone. Every summer, they gather at the neighborhood pool. Now, we have people who have grown up in the town bringing their children to the pool. Everything seems idyllic and yet… this whole town is filled with enough secrets to sink a ship!

Zell feels bad about her neighbor  leave her family so she takes the kids under her wing, becomes their surrogate grandmother, and she takes them to the pool everyday. Bryte brings her son Christopher. She is determined to go back to work and not have another baby with her husband, who wants one badly. Jencey is back in town after her husband is arrested for a majority of things. She never wanted to come back but she feels it’s the best for her girls. She had a relationship with Bryte’s husband years ago when they were all young. Is that going to shake things up for all of them? She brings her two daughters to the pool and they befriend Lance’s children. (Their mother is the one who leaves.) And then there is Cailey and Cutter. They go to the pool everyday by themselves. They live in the “eyesore” house that everyone talks about. Their mom works two jobs to support them and young Cailey is charged with looking out for Cutter. It is an accident that brings these people together. Are they stronger together or living separate lives?

I was drawn into this neighborhood, it’s own little Peyton Place. I loved Zell and related to her empty nest and the love she felt taking care of Cailey. Her secret was a bit strange. I think that was my problem with not totally loving the book.  the secrets were all rather anti-climactic. Some I saw coming, some I didn’t, some I didn’t care. I think Bryte’s had me the most surprised. I did enjoy the way they all came together, leave it to a child. And it did keep me reading to see what was going to happen. I liked the characters and each chapter flowed easily into the next. I would love to know what happens to them all. I believe in happily ever after.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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