The Nearness of You

By Amanda Eyre Ward

The Nearness of You: A Novel by [Ward, Amanda Eyre]

5 out of 5 stars

I love Amanda Eyre Ward’s writing and have never, ever been disappointed in a book that she has written. Never, ever. This one pulled me in and didn’t let me go until I was crying at the end.

Suzanne and Hyland Kendall have been married for 15 years. Suzanne is a noted heart surgeon and Hyland is an architect/artist. Hyland suprises Suzanne one day when he says he wants a child. They had discussed never having children because Suzanne is afraid of the mental illness her mother had and some issues of her own. She didn’t want this passed on to a child. Hyland says that a surrogate is the way to go and although Suzanne is hesitant, she agrees. They end up choosing Dorrie who is not your usual surrogate. She is young, has never had children before and wants the money to get out of the life she leads now. Dorrie does get pregnant right away but once she does, she realizes that she cannot part with her baby and disappears. The search for her takes almost two years until her mother appears at the Kendalls doorstep with a little girl who is sick. Suzanne and Hyland raise Eloise and life goes on until Eloise starts having some trouble and they send her to a boarding school. Eloise decides that she wants to find her birth mother and see if what she is feeling has something to do with her. Are they alike? And Dorrie has been keeping something else from the Kendalls all along.

The story is told in the voices of Suzanne, Dorrie, Eloise and even a bit by Hyland. This worked perfectly with the way it flowed because we got to see all the different sides. No one is right or  wrong. I seem to be on a roll with books that have different characters’ perspectives lately. This is the second one and I am reading another one now. I absolutely loved this book. I loved the characters. I got the characters and where they were all coming from. And yes, I was crying at the end. “The mother is the one that stays in the room.” Love that line and it still gets me teary. Now I will wait patiently for Amanda Eyre Ward’s next book.

I happily received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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