The Mother’s Promise

By Sally Hepworth

The Mother's Promise: A Novel by [Hepworth, Sally]

4 out of 5 stars

Tearjerker alert! Or maybe I should not have finished reading this after watching This Is Us last night.

It has always been just Alice Stanhope and her teenage daughter Zoe. Zoe’s father has never been in the picture, for reasons you find out as you read along. Zoe has an anxiety disorder that makes her really very shy. She doesn’t really talk to too many people. She wants to be unseen. When Alice is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, their world changes completely. Alice is hospitalized for surgery and her social worker Sonja feels that Zoe should not be alone. She is sent to foster care which is unacceptable to Alice. Her nurse Kate offers her home to Zoe and a new friendship is formed. But Kate and Sonja have their own lives and their own secrets, much like who Zoe’s father is. Kate wants to have a child so badly with her husband. He has two children from a previous marriage but she wants her own child. After a few miscarriages, he wants to stop but Kate is determined to have her own family too. Sonja’s husband is controlling and abusive but she feels she will lose him if she speaks up. She feels undeserving of someone like him. These four women’s lives will intertwine and change all of them.

Yes. I admit it. I was crying towards the end of this book. But it wasn’t just all sad even though it is a sad story. There was a lot of humor thrown throughout. I liked each character so very much. I would have to say the best part was watching Zoe blossom, as much as she could anyway. I just felt good at the end and in this crazy world, I think we need more of that. I have really enjoyed both books that I have read by Sally Hepworth and will look forward to any and all that she writes.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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