It Happens All the Time

By Amy Hatvany

4 out of 5 stars

I just turned the last page of the book and my mind is flooded with so many emotions. Wow.

Amber and Tyler have been best friends since they were young teens. They have always had a close relationship and Tyler has always harbored more then friend feelings for Amber. When she comes home from college with a fiance, Tyler fights with a lot of different emotions. Amber has some doubts about getting married and when the two go to a party and have a bit too much to drink,  they kiss and things go too far. Their friendship is changed forever.

This is such a brutally honest look at rape and it is written in both sides. How one sees it is completely different than the other one sees it. But it does all come down to the same thing, no means no. It is heartbreaking and sad and maddening and so many emotions wrapped into one story. Both main characters are human, flawed as we all are. It was hard to read at times and good! It should be hard to read. It was very emotional at times and good! It should be emotional, The subject is handled deftly and it’s written so wonderfully. I give Ms. Hatvany a big round of applause for tackling such a harsh subject and doing it so well.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Atria in exchange for an honest review.

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